A New Latin-English Summa

Latin-English EditionA copy of the complete Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas is a must-have for any Catholic theologian, theology student, priest, or seminarian, and it’s a great work to have on the shelf for anyone with an interest in theology or philosophy.

It would seem obvious, then, to create an edition that:

  • Presents the Latin of St. Thomas alongside a classic English translation,
  • Consists of fewer than ten volumes,
  • Is affordable for the average individual, not just the average institution.

Until now, though, the only Latin-English edition of the Summa consisted of 60 volumes with varying translations – and a price tag of $39.99 for each volume or nearly $2,000 for the set.

NovAntiqua is pleased to announce that we are stepping in to fill the gap:

Volume One of the Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas: Latin-English Edition is now available on Amazon.com with a list price of $24.95. Volume One contains Questions 1-64 of the Prima Pars, or in other words, covers roughly the first half of the first part of the three-part work.

To put this into perspective, this one volume presents the questions that the first nine volumes of the 60-volume set cover.Summa Vol. 1 Page

The English translation that the NovAntiqua edition utilizes is the translation of the Dominican Fathers of the English Province, often known as the “Benziger,” after its first U.S. publisher. The translation is the most widely used English translation, appreciated for its overall faithfulness to the Latin of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The text is arranged in a parallel-column format, Latin on the left and English on the right.

This is, of course, just the first volume of what will be a complete Latin-English edition of the Summa. We anticipate that the second volume, covering the second half of the Prima Pars – Questions 65-119 – will be available by Easter.


7 thoughts on “A New Latin-English Summa

    1. NovAntiqua Post author

      Right now we do not have plans for a cloth edition due to cost constraints, but it is an option that we are keeping open for the future.

  1. Joseph

    The link to the one-volume Latin Summa Theologicae is not working. Could you please give me more info on the one-volume

  2. Igor

    Since I live outside the US, I would like to order the whole set and save a little on delivery. When are those five volumes going to be published?


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