“Look Inside!” available for Vol. I of the Summa

Summa Look InsideBut, unfortunately, we’re not sure that this is an asset at the moment as the page-views of Volume I of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas that Amazon.com has posted right now are terrible (they look like grainy photocopies of photocopies) and not at all representative of the actual quality of the book.

We hasten to assure everyone that actual printed text is crisp and clear, and we are communicating with Amazon.com to try to improve the quality of their “Look Inside!” images.

That said, we are excited that the the opportunity to search inside the text of a parallel translation of Questions 1-64 of the Summa is now available, though the poor quality of the images right now does compromise the search results.


6 thoughts on ““Look Inside!” available for Vol. I of the Summa

  1. Janet

    I just purchased this book and am delighted with it; you are correct that the Amazon images do not do it justice. The text is beautifully clear and readable, the pages are a nice substantial weight. I am looking forward to working my way through this volume; my Latin is pretty rusty, but this will be a fantastic way to refresh it. Thanks, and best wishes to you in your work.

    1. NovAntiqua Post author

      The Latin is essentially taken from the Leonine edition (minus the critical apparatus), which is the edition that the English Dominican Fathers used for the Benzinger translation, the English translation used.

    1. NovAntiqua Post author

      The book is perfect-bound, so glued rather than sewn, but the spine is strong and flexible; not much (if any) breaking in is necessary.

  2. George

    When do you anticipate the entire edition to be available? Further — and more importantly — how many volumes will it run to?

    Lastly, would you consider publishing a hardcover edition through lulu.com? It’s free to publish; you just collect the royalties.

    You could publish it both in a micro-print 6×9 edition (just shrink the PDF) and a larger-print 8.25×10.75 edition.

    I would be very tempted by the 6×9 edition. If you’re using publishing software that allows for easy repagination, you could even re-paginate so as to maintain a readable text size while allowing the page count to inflate slightly.

    Please write back about this; I am very interested in your work!


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