Summa Volume II Available on

Summa Volume II

We are pleased to announce that the Second Volume of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Latin-English Edition is now available on

The English translation that the NovAntiqua edition utilizes is the translation of the Dominican Fathers of the English Province, often known as the “Benziger,” after its first U.S. publisher. The translation is the most widely used English translation, appreciated for its overall faithfulness to the Latin of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The text is arranged in a parallel-column format, Latin on the left and English on the right.

This volume contains Questions 65-119 of the Prima Pars, and consists of the last three treatises of the Prima Pars:

  • Treatise on the Work of the Six Days
  • Treatise on Man
  • Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures

This is the second volume of what will be a complete Latin-English edition of the Summa. The first volume, containing Q. 1-64 of the Prima Pars, is already available on


1 thought on “Summa Volume II Available on

  1. Vincent

    Thanks for your work. Which Latin edition are you including in these volumes? Is it the latest Leonine text?


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