Beyond NovAntiqua: Latin Dictionaries

The gold standard among Latin dictionaries is A Latin Dictionary: Founded on Andrew’s Edition of Freund’s Latin Dictionary (Oxford University Press USA, 1956), more often known as (which is to say, almost exclusively known as) the Lewis and Short dictionary. This should not be confused with the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD), which would be of much less use to most readers of NovAntiqua since the OLD confines itself to Latin as used before AD 200. The aptly acronymed OLD has thus become the dictionary for classicists, while the Lewis and Short is for anyone working with Latin texts written in the eighteen-or-so centuries afterward (though it covers classical Latin, too). Portability is not one of the selling points of the Lewis and Short. Nor is price.

At the other end of the spectrum size- and price-wise is the Collins Gem Latin-English Dictionary – extremely portable and surprisingly comprehensive. A newer edition is available, but we haven’t had a chance to check it out yet.

We have mentioned the Lexicon of Saint Thomas Aquinas by Roy J. Deferrari (Loreto Publications, 2004) before, but it’s worth mentioning again here.



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