NovAntiqua Summa now available on

We are pleased to announce Volumes I-V of the NovAntiqua Summa Theologiae are now available on, and all are eligible for free Super Saver Delivery within the UK.

Volume I: I, q. 1-64
– List price £16.95

  • Treatise on Sacred Doctrine
  • Treatise on the One God
  • Treatise on the Most Holy Trinity
  • Treatise on the Creation
  • Treatise on the Angels
Volume II: I, q. 65-119
 – List price £15.95
  • Treatise on the Work of the Six Days
  • Treatise on Man
  • Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures
Volume III: I-II, q. 1-70
 – List price £16.95
  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues
Volume IV: I-II, q. 71-114
 – List price £16.95
  • Treatise on the Habits, continued
  • Evil Habits, i.e., Vices
  • Treatise on Law
  • Treatise on Grace
Volume V: II-II, q. 1-56
 – List price £16.95
  • Treatise on the Theological Virtues
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues
  • On Prudence

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