From out of the silence…

Dear Readers,

Rest assured that NovAntiqua is still growing – and, indeed, thriving. This has been a big year for us, both on the book front and on the personal front. In the last twelve months, we moved across the Atlantic, welcomed a baby girl, put three books into print (two volumes of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas), and then relocated again. The last post went up just after we finished our move, in the midst of piled boxes of (what else?) books.

Work continues on Volume Three of the Summa – just at something of a slower pace than we anticipated due to a major computer crash, resettling in a new state, and a few other factors.* Commitment to this project has not faltered a whit, and we appreciate your patience – with our readers, we are looking forward to the publication of Volume Three (and subsequent volumes). We will post an estimated release date for Volume Three when we can provide a more accurate prediction. Thank you again!

(*We expected to be able to devote the aforementioned baby’s sleep-time to work on this project – after all, newborns sleep 16+ hours, and then take 2-3-hour naps after that. Let’s just say that our daughter took as her motto for her first eight months Homer’s line from the Odyssey: “Too much sleep is only a bore.”)


5 thoughts on “From out of the silence…

  1. Andy

    I have the first two volumes of the Summa that you published. Thanks for the work. The Summa is surprisingly hard to get. Very much looking forward to the next volumes. I’ll be ordering them as soon as they are available.

    The Latin is nice to have handy because the English translation provided is sometimes just wrong. For example, in several places int he first question, the translators used “object” where the Latin was “subjectum” thus reversing what Aquinas meant to say: God is not an object, but the subject (i.e. giver) of theology.

    There are a few places like this, so it is good know some Latin to check the English translation, or to just read it in Latin.

  2. Ograd

    Not strictly a reply but question: anyone knows of a Summa accompanied by detailed comment of the text, of the kind the commentaries of individual biblical books are a standard practice ?

    I find it impossible to fugure out, for example, the logic of St. Thomas’ enquiries (why he puts the qestions as he does), as well as the actual logical coherence of his arguments. Has anyone published a sentence by sentence commentary of what he says ?

    1. Ograd

      For information to those who might be interested.
      The Harmony Media (gogle it) have published a CD “Welcome to the Catholic Church”, $50, which besides the complete Summa (only in English) with instant links to other sections of the Summa and to the Bible, contain the wealth of other information, for example the Bible (two translations), Vatican II documents, Catechisms (Trent, CCC,) past documents of the magisterium (Denzinger), Theology of the Body, History of the Church, Dictionary of the Bible, the monumental, three volumes’ manual of Moral Theology by Grisez: The Way of the Lord Jesus (both up to date and loyal to the Magisterium) etc.

    2. Kevin Keiser

      Dear Ograd,

      In response to your comment regarding commentaries on the Summa, the answer is that there are actually many of them, but unfortunately most of them are in Latin. Examples are Cajetan, John of St. Thomas (John Poinsot), DeMedicis, Billuart, etc.

      However, there are the commentaries of Garrigou-LaGrange. They are not exactly line-by-line, but they may be illuminating as far as overall structure. They are basically the results of his lectures at the Angelicum.

      Here are some of them:

      Hope this helps.

      Kevin Keiser

  3. Ograd

    Sirs, I have just posted two “comments”, actually one is an enquiry and another contains information, both under the post From Out of the Silence.

    Y0ur efford to spread good books is appreciated.


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