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Volume IXa – a new release

We are taking the unprecedented step of releasing the first part of Volume IX before we complete the second part. We will be releasing Volume IXb, as well as Volume IX as one complete volume, once the second part is finished. 

We have several reasons for releasing Volume IXa now. First, it covers Questions 60-90 of the Tertia Pars, and so ends where St. Thomas Aquinas’s own manuscript of the Summa Theologiae ended at his death. Volume IXb will begin with the first question of the Supplementum, the text of which is based on Aquinas’s Commentary on the Sentences. Second, while the work on what is now contained in Volume IXa was done, the work on the Supplementum is much more involved. The digital files of the Latin are rough and require far more editing than was necessary for the previous volumes, especially given our standard of continuing to faithfully present the Latin of the Leonine edition of the Summa.

This volume contains Questions 60-90 of the Tertia Pars, and consists of the beginning of the Treatise on the Sacraments. It contains the discussion of The Sacraments, in General; Baptism; Confirmation; the Eucharist; and the beginning of Penance.

Available From:

  • Format: Trade Paperback
  • Page Count: 550 pages
  • Dimensions: 7×10″
  • ISBN-13: 978-1727160727
  • List Price: $19.95



The Treatise on the Incarnation, Vol. VIII

We are pleased to announce that Volume Eight of our Latin-English edition of the Summa Theologiae is now available on, and

This eighth volume contains Questions 1-59 of the Tertia Pars and consists of the Treatise on the Incarnation.

Book Information:

Available From:
Format: Trade Paperback
Page Count: 788 pages
Dimensions: 7×10″
List Price: $25.95 


Links to all of the completed volumes:

Volume One (Prima Pars, Q. 1-64)
Volume Two (Prima Pars, Q. 65-119)
Volume Three (Prima Secundae, Q. 1-70)
Volume Four (Prima Secundae, Q. 71-114)
Volume Five (Secunda Secundae, Q.1-56)
Volume Six (Secunda Secundae, Q. 57-140)
Volume Seven (Secunda Secundae, Q. 141-189)
Volume Eight (Tertia Pars, Q. 1-59)

Summa update and a look down the road

[Updated 8 Aug. 2011]

Work on Volume V is proceeding steadily; we expect to see it in print by August 15. Volume V is now available on We appreciate the fact that there are those who are anxiously waiting for later volumes to appear; we can only offer our assurances that we are working diligently.

In the meantime, we wanted to give our readers a look at the contents of the entire set as it will stand when finished. (And also put to rest the recurring misconception that we have either completed or are near the completion of this project).

[completedVolume I: I, q. 1-64

  • Treatise on Sacred Doctrine
  • Treatise on the One God
  • Treatise on the Most Holy Trinity
  • Treatise on the Creation
  • Treatise on the Angels
[completed] Volume II: I, q. 65-119
  • Treatise on the Work of the Six Days
  • Treatise on Man
  • Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures
[completed] Volume III: I-II, q. 1-70
  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues
[completedVolume IV: I-II, q. 71-114
  • Treatise on the Habits, continued
  • Evil Habits, i.e., Vices
  • Treatise on Law
  • Treatise on Grace
[completedVolume V: II-II, q. 1-56
  • Treatise on the Theological Virtues
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues
  • On Prudence
 [in progressVolume VI: II-II, q. 57-140
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues, continued
  • On Justice
  • On Fortitude
Volume VII: II-II, q. 141-189
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues, continued
  • On Temperance
  • Treatise on Gratuitous Graces
  • Treatise on the States of Life
Volume VIII: III, q. 1-59
  • Treatise on the Incarnation
Volume IX: III, q. 60-83; Supplement, q. 1-33
  • Treatise on the Sacraments
  • The Sacraments, in General
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Eucharist
  • Penance
  • Extreme Unction
Volume X: Supplement, q. 34-99; Appendices
  • Treatise on the Sacraments, continued
  • Orders
  • Matrimony
  • Treatise on the Resurrection
  • Treatise on the Last Things

Bad news. For want of a [Return]. . .

Forty-three pages of text in Volume IV were disarranged, some of them pretty significantly (pp. 228-270). This happened, ironically enough, during the process of proofing the text and making minor corrections. I know how I made the keystroke; I’m not sure how I missed the consequences until last night.

That said, we’ve already sent off a corrected text for reprinting. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be available on immediately; the misprinted copies are also being removed from Amazon. My estimate is that the corrected text will be available in a week.

Now, for those who purchased a misprinted copy of Volume IV:

  • Mail page 228 of your copy to me (yes, I mean take a pair of scissors to your book – no photocopies, scans, photographs, or other electronic copies)
  • Include your mailing address
  • And we will ship a copy of the corrected edition to you after it becomes available.

We have no access to’s customer list, so if you don’t mail us page 228 (and include your mailing address!), we have no way to track you down.

We are very, very sorry for the inconvenience.

The address to send p. 228 to is

PO Box 50621
Nashville, TN  37205



Update on the Summa Project

We have been getting a lot of inquiries lately regarding the bi-lingual Summa project.  And small wonder… it’s about time we posted an update.

Well, the news is that volume 4, comprising I-II, qq. 70-114, is well underway, and should be appearing in December of this year (2010).

We thank you for your inquiries and patience.  It is truly humbling and encouraging to find out that so many are interested in the project.  Thank you all so much for your support.

It’s here! Summa Volume III on

Your patience has been rewarded – Volume III of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Latin-English Edition, is now available at

Volume III consists of the first part of the Prima Secundae – Questions 1-70. These questions cover the

  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues

This volume is 756 pages, and it has a list price of $25.95 (eligible for Free Super-Saver shipping!).

It’s almost here

We are pleased to announce that the Third Volume of the  Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas, a parallel Latin-English edition, is due to hit the shelves of in under a month.

Volume III consists of the first part of the Prima Secundae – Questions 1-70. These questions cover the

  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues

This volume is 756 pages, and it will have a list price of $25.95.

From out of the silence…

Dear Readers,

Rest assured that NovAntiqua is still growing – and, indeed, thriving. This has been a big year for us, both on the book front and on the personal front. In the last twelve months, we moved across the Atlantic, welcomed a baby girl, put three books into print (two volumes of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas), and then relocated again. The last post went up just after we finished our move, in the midst of piled boxes of (what else?) books.

Work continues on Volume Three of the Summa – just at something of a slower pace than we anticipated due to a major computer crash, resettling in a new state, and a few other factors.* Commitment to this project has not faltered a whit, and we appreciate your patience – with our readers, we are looking forward to the publication of Volume Three (and subsequent volumes). We will post an estimated release date for Volume Three when we can provide a more accurate prediction. Thank you again!

(*We expected to be able to devote the aforementioned baby’s sleep-time to work on this project – after all, newborns sleep 16+ hours, and then take 2-3-hour naps after that. Let’s just say that our daughter took as her motto for her first eight months Homer’s line from the Odyssey: “Too much sleep is only a bore.”)