Bad news. For want of a [Return]. . .

Forty-three pages of text in Volume IV were disarranged, some of them pretty significantly (pp. 228-270). This happened, ironically enough, during the process of proofing the text and making minor corrections. I know how I made the keystroke; I’m not sure how I missed the consequences until last night.

That said, we’ve already sent off a corrected text for reprinting. Unfortunately, it’s not going to be available on immediately; the misprinted copies are also being removed from Amazon. My estimate is that the corrected text will be available in a week.

Now, for those who purchased a misprinted copy of Volume IV:

  • Mail page 228 of your copy to me (yes, I mean take a pair of scissors to your book – no photocopies, scans, photographs, or other electronic copies)
  • Include your mailing address
  • And we will ship a copy of the corrected edition to you after it becomes available.

We have no access to’s customer list, so if you don’t mail us page 228 (and include your mailing address!), we have no way to track you down.

We are very, very sorry for the inconvenience.

The address to send p. 228 to is

PO Box 50621
Nashville, TN  37205




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