Summa update and a look down the road

[Updated 8 Aug. 2011]

Work on Volume V is proceeding steadily; we expect to see it in print by August 15. Volume V is now available on We appreciate the fact that there are those who are anxiously waiting for later volumes to appear; we can only offer our assurances that we are working diligently.

In the meantime, we wanted to give our readers a look at the contents of the entire set as it will stand when finished. (And also put to rest the recurring misconception that we have either completed or are near the completion of this project).

[completedVolume I: I, q. 1-64

  • Treatise on Sacred Doctrine
  • Treatise on the One God
  • Treatise on the Most Holy Trinity
  • Treatise on the Creation
  • Treatise on the Angels
[completed] Volume II: I, q. 65-119
  • Treatise on the Work of the Six Days
  • Treatise on Man
  • Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures
[completed] Volume III: I-II, q. 1-70
  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues
[completedVolume IV: I-II, q. 71-114
  • Treatise on the Habits, continued
  • Evil Habits, i.e., Vices
  • Treatise on Law
  • Treatise on Grace
[completedVolume V: II-II, q. 1-56
  • Treatise on the Theological Virtues
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues
  • On Prudence
 [in progressVolume VI: II-II, q. 57-140
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues, continued
  • On Justice
  • On Fortitude
Volume VII: II-II, q. 141-189
  • Treatise on the Cardinal Virtues, continued
  • On Temperance
  • Treatise on Gratuitous Graces
  • Treatise on the States of Life
Volume VIII: III, q. 1-59
  • Treatise on the Incarnation
Volume IX: III, q. 60-83; Supplement, q. 1-33
  • Treatise on the Sacraments
  • The Sacraments, in General
  • Baptism
  • Confirmation
  • Eucharist
  • Penance
  • Extreme Unction
Volume X: Supplement, q. 34-99; Appendices
  • Treatise on the Sacraments, continued
  • Orders
  • Matrimony
  • Treatise on the Resurrection
  • Treatise on the Last Things


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