It’s here! Summa Volume III on

Your patience has been rewarded – Volume III of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas, Latin-English Edition, is now available at

Volume III consists of the first part of the Prima Secundae – Questions 1-70. These questions cover the

  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues

This volume is 756 pages, and it has a list price of $25.95 (eligible for Free Super-Saver shipping!).

It’s almost here

We are pleased to announce that the Third Volume of the  Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas, a parallel Latin-English edition, is due to hit the shelves of in under a month.

Volume III consists of the first part of the Prima Secundae – Questions 1-70. These questions cover the

  • Treatise on the Last End
  • Treatise on Human Acts: Acts Peculiar to Man
  • Treatise on the Passions
  • Treatise on Habits
  • Treatise on Habits in Particular
  • Good Habits, i.e., Virtues

This volume is 756 pages, and it will have a list price of $25.95.

From out of the silence…

Dear Readers,

Rest assured that NovAntiqua is still growing – and, indeed, thriving. This has been a big year for us, both on the book front and on the personal front. In the last twelve months, we moved across the Atlantic, welcomed a baby girl, put three books into print (two volumes of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas), and then relocated again. The last post went up just after we finished our move, in the midst of piled boxes of (what else?) books.

Work continues on Volume Three of the Summa – just at something of a slower pace than we anticipated due to a major computer crash, resettling in a new state, and a few other factors.* Commitment to this project has not faltered a whit, and we appreciate your patience – with our readers, we are looking forward to the publication of Volume Three (and subsequent volumes). We will post an estimated release date for Volume Three when we can provide a more accurate prediction. Thank you again!

(*We expected to be able to devote the aforementioned baby’s sleep-time to work on this project – after all, newborns sleep 16+ hours, and then take 2-3-hour naps after that. Let’s just say that our daughter took as her motto for her first eight months Homer’s line from the Odyssey: “Too much sleep is only a bore.”)

So, where are we anyway?

To any readers who have come here and been wondering if we’ve quit the commentary:

No, we haven’t.  But my wife Heidi and I have been busy for a while.  The doctoral dissertation needed some immediate attention, and we’re both preparing for an interstate move and for my new job.  So posting has been, and will continue to be sparse.  I will not be able to compose many new posts, but I do intend to continue posting once a week or so, putting up things that I have already written.  Once the doctoral dissertation is finished, I will perhaps return to the frequency with which I started.

The bilingual Summa project is continuing, but we’re not sure we’ll meet our original goal of August 15th for volume 3 (I-II, q. 1-70).

Beyond NovAntiqua

You may have noticed that we are now incorporating a section titled “Beyond NovAntiqua” in the sidebar of this site. In this section, you’ll find links to non-NovAntiqua titles that we think (based, in part, on the search terms that bring people to this site) our readers would appreciate.

The space in the sidebar being limited, though, we wanted to provide a bit more of an introduction to the titles we have listed right now.

One-Volume Latin Summa Theologiae – A number of people have ended up at this site having done a search not for NovAntiqua‘s Volume One of a Latin-English edition of the Summa (let alone the newly-released Volume Four), but for a one-volume Latin edition of the Summa. The only one-volume Latin Summa that we are aware of is this one, published by San Paolo Edizioni (1999). It is the Latin of the Leonine edition, with critical apparatus. It’s a hefty book, but smaller than many editions of Shakespeare’s complete works or most unabridged dictionaries. You won’t find it on or in any American bookstore, but after some digging, we were able to find it being sold by and Deastore via – probably your best bet short of going to Italy yourself.

If you do find yourself in Rome and want to pick up a copy, stop in the Libreria Internazionale San Paolo (right up the street from St. Peter’s). Assuming things haven’t changed much in the last few years, it’ll be on the second floor of the bookstore along with other works of Aquinas in Latin – right next to the section of books in French. If they’re out of stock, try Ancora (also on Via della Conciliazione) or Libreria Leonina. Buy your copy, go to Mass at St. Peter’s, and then celebrate with a 2-euro cone of gelato from Old Bridgecrema, cioccolata, and nutella, with panna – have one for me, please. Thank you.

Lexicon of Saint Thomas AquinasA Lexicon of Saint Thomas Aquinas, byRoy J. Defarrari – This 1,200-page tome contains every Latin word found in the Summa Theologiae, as well as terms found in other works of Aquinas. In the words of the author’s foreword: “Each word as it appears will be followed by the different English meanings with which it is used, followed in turn by some illustrations of its use in each meaning taken from the works of Saint Thomas.” A goldmine for those interested in acquainting themselves with the Latin of St. Thomas.

Torrell's Saint Thomas AquinasWe are also featuring Jean-Pierre Torrell’s incomparable two-volume introduction to St. Thomas Aquinas: Saint Thomas Aquinas: The Person And His Work and Saint Thomas Aquinas: Spiritual Master. These are not light reading, but if you want to have a better understanding of the man behind the works, these are the books to go to.

Anyone spending time with the works of Thomas Aquinas will soon be struck by the number of scripture references scattered throughout his text. With that in mind, we thought that it would make sense to locate a Latin-English Bible for readers of our Latin-English Summa. We are pleased to say that we found the ideal scriptural companion for our Summa Theologiae: Baronius Press’s Douay-Rheims and Clementina Vulgata: English-Latin Bible. The authorization of the Clementina Vulgata postdates Thomas Aquinas by roughly three centuries, but as we don’t have access to the actual Latin manuscripts of Scripture that St. Thomas studied, this will have to do. (The Douay-Rheims and the Clementine Vulgate are, however, the English and Latin texts referred to in the text and footnotes of the English translation contained in our edition of the Summa.)

Those interested in Latin-English resources and Gregorian Chant might find Fr. Samuel Weber, O.S.B.’s new Office of Compline worth a look. Chant settings for the night prayers from the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours (novus ordo) are arranged with Latin and English settings on facing pages. The book contains complete instructions for praying Compline, as well as a foreword by Cardinal Burke.

Keep an eye on the sidebar; I’m sure we’ll be adding titles from time to time. If you know of a title worth recommending to students of St. Thomas or readers of NovAntiqua in general, let us know in a comment or drop us an e-mail (mail[at], and we’ll check it out.

Also note that if you do decide to purchase any of these titles through the links provided here at, we do receive part of the proceeds from the sales. Thank you!

Summa Volume II Available on

Summa Volume II

We are pleased to announce that the Second Volume of the Summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas Aquinas: Latin-English Edition is now available on

The English translation that the NovAntiqua edition utilizes is the translation of the Dominican Fathers of the English Province, often known as the “Benziger,” after its first U.S. publisher. The translation is the most widely used English translation, appreciated for its overall faithfulness to the Latin of St. Thomas Aquinas.

The text is arranged in a parallel-column format, Latin on the left and English on the right.

This volume contains Questions 65-119 of the Prima Pars, and consists of the last three treatises of the Prima Pars:

  • Treatise on the Work of the Six Days
  • Treatise on Man
  • Treatise on the Conservation and Government of Creatures

This is the second volume of what will be a complete Latin-English edition of the Summa. The first volume, containing Q. 1-64 of the Prima Pars, is already available on